The Causes of Hair Loss Facts

The process of hair loss is a natural one. We normally lose a large number of hairs per day. Our hair begins to lose thickness when the number of hairs lost exceeds the growth of follicles. There are many causes of hair loss, the most important being hereditary (genetic). This means that each hair follicle has its expected life course since we are in the womb. Other causes are hormonal, stress, scarring after scalp trauma, poor diet and medication.

Male baldness begins at different ages and areas of our head, most commonly at the crown and/or temples and at the frontal hairline. Female hair loss is more of a generalized thinning of hair affecting the entire scalp. Everyone is a candidate for hair restoration. The only important factor is the donor area, occipital (back) and temporal (sides) of each candidate. The reason hair is taken from the occipital or temporal areas of the scalp is that these hairs will not fall out in our lifetime. If you see people in their eighties or nineties, they usually have hair in the occipital and temporal areas. It is very rare to see complete baldness unless there is some kind of medication or disease behind it. Transplanted hair is for life. We have been doing hair transplants for 20 years and our extensive experience in hair restoration gives the patient a natural look, which is the most important aspect of this procedure.

Package $2950 USD. All Inclusive F.U.E. 2500 grafts.

Please upload photos of your hair loss. Front, top and back of your head are best for evaluation. You will receive a response evaluation within 24 hours. Whatsapp or contact form to send the pictures.

1.- Genes

Genes that are located on the X or Y-chromosomes are call sex-linked. Genes on the other 22 pairs of chromosomes are called autosomal. It is felt that the genes governing common baldness are autosomal. This means that the baldness trait can be inherited from the mother's side of the family or the father's side. The genes involved in androgenetic alopecia are felt to be dominant.

3.- Time

The reaction also requires time of exposure of susceptible hair follicles to the hormone for hair loss to begin. Hair loss does not occur all at once or in a steady, straight-line progression. Hair loss is cyclical.  

2.- Hormones

These same hormones that cause acne and beard growth can also signal the beginning of baldness. The presence of androgens; testosterone, and its related hormone DHT, cause some follicles to regress and die. In women, hormones with androgenic activity cause hair loss as well. In addition to the testicles, the adrenal glands located above each of our kidneys, produce androgenic hormones, and this would be similar in both sexes. In females, there is an additional source of hormones that can affect hair, the ovaries.


It is important to note that stress generally causes the type of hair loss referred to as telogen effluvium. Telogen effluvium is the reversible shed-ding of hair in the resting phase when the body senses that it needs to divert its energies elsewhere (pregnancy would be a good example of this). 

Package $2950 USD. All Inclusive F.U.E.

Please upload photos of your hair loss. Front, top and back of your head are best for evaluation. You will receive a response evaluation within 24 hours. Whatsapp or contact form to send the pictures.

Hair implantation procedure

Hair transplants are performed in our operating rooms as an outpatient procedure under local anesthesia. The session lasts an average of 6 to 8 hours, depending on the number of grafts used. In the first consultation a complete history of the patient's medical and hair condition is taken. Each patient is evaluated uniquely. All aspects of their hair are evaluated: the donor area, the recipient area, hairstyles, the number of grafts and/or sessions needed to achieve each patient's goals.

What is transplanted is the follicle, which is where the hair grows from, that is inside the skin of our scalp. It is the follicle that has the genetic information not to fall out. We can transplant this follicle anywhere on the patient's body and it will grow.

The procedure consists of collecting the grafts by the F.U.E. technique from the donor area and placing them in the areas that were previously seen in the evaluation. 

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