When you look in the mirror and see a person that suffers from hair loss, you may think that it is not possible for you to regain the hair that you have had as a young person.
Hair loss is aproblem that affects especially men, but women have this problem too.

Hair transplant Surgery in Mexico , offers the best the lowest price, a lot less than what it costs in USA and with with excellent results.

Are you looking for a hair transplant? Save thousands of money without compromising in quality! Call now and find out more!

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Losing your hair?

The most common cause of hair loss is inheritance. Men and women inherit the gene for hair loss from either or both parents. Men are most commonly affected by the inherited gene as the hormone, testosterone, activates the genetic program causing loss of hair follicles.

Does it really work?

Yes. The transplanted hair is removed from one area of the body (donor site) and transferred to another (recipient site). The transferred tissue is not "rejected" as it is not foreign tissue. The transplanted hair maintains it's own characteristics; color, texture, growth rate, and curl, after transplantation and regrowth.

What is a Procedure?

Surgical hair restoration is a specialty the hair specialist studies transplant techniques, evaluates new developments in the field, maintains knowledge of advancements, and knows the physiology of hair in depth. The specialist also studies each individual patient carefully because no two heads of hair are alike.

Cost of Hair Transplant?

The cost varies depending on how large is the area that needs covering. 
Our prices are the most affordable in Mexico and the world and we do not sacrifice the quality of the procedure.Ours costs are dramatically lower, nearly 70% of the costs in USA.

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FUE Hair Transplant Mexico

If you are thinking about having a FUE hair transplant surgery, then you best arm you self with the latest hair restoration information. In this day and age, there is no reason for a consumer to be in the dark about the latest in the hair surgery field. Information sites will provide you with articles about hairtransplant techniques, hair transplant doctors, hair transplant videos, costs, financing, and more.

 Is a type of cosmetic surgery and as such it can be reasonably profitable. It is a fast-growing business and hair transplant clinics are mushrooming in all corners of the world. Competition in the field is growing and rivalry between hair transplant clinics often leads to a confusing news-flow. So what matters most in hair transplant surgery? It is not so much the possession of the latest technology. The two factors having the greatest weight are the surgeon's skills in creating the optical illusion of a full head of hair, and the price. Hence, your ability to identify a competent hair transplant surgeon at a reasonable price is the key. You will find a lot of information on the web on how to recognise a good surgeon, including countless lists of "approved" surgeons. A cautious and considerate approach is required here. You should educate yourself first, so that you can make an informed decision. Hair transplant Surgery is going to change your look permanently.

FUE Hair Transplant Tijuana

More than ever before, USA hair transplant patients travel to Tijuana Mexico for their surgery. You may wonder why a person would travel to another country for surgery, but procedure should be a one time event, and often is not, when patients choose a doctor based upon the convenience of the clinic’s location and not on the bottom line: results. Educated patients realize that the single most important decision they make is where to have surgery. 

There are dozens of hair transplant clinics and many of them make the claim that they are the best, but few support the claim with evidence – results., and Hair Transplant Costlow price. 

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Hair Transplant Costs

Are dependent on many factors: the number of grafts being transplanted, the number of surgical sessions required, and the surgical technique employed. Follicular Unit Grafting, is the most effective and reasonably priced method of hair transplantation. 

A typical Follicular Unit Grafting surgery can cost between $10,000 and 15,000 in one surgical session  in USA.

Most hair transplant clinics charge by the graft, so that to arrive at the total hair transplant cost, multiply the per graft price by the estimated number of grafts required.

We offer the procedure that starts from $ 2,300 dlls.

starting from $ 2,300 dlls

On the day of your Hair surgery

We schedule the day of surgery based on a prior agreement that meets your demands and the capacity of the clinic. You can set the surgical appointment by sending data from your airline ticket. In all cases, you have to get to Tijuana, Mexico, one day before surgery. 

1. ArrivalYou occupy your comfortable private room, furnished. You can bring small personal items home with you to make it even more inviting. Our colleagues will be there for you and willing to help with anything. You can bring your book, music or favorite movie with you, you can use your computer, and you can make phone calls. We provide the equipment, internet access required, home theater systems, etc. 

2. ConsultationOur colleagues prepare everything ahead, and they will carry out the last complete medical examination before the hair transplantation. Upon arrival, discuss the plan of treatment and during the day of surgery with your doctor again. 

3. From the operationDuring the hair restoration procedure can read, watch a movie, make phone calls and business or personal arrangements. Meanwhile, the doctors do their work undisturbed. We suggest you bring a music player with you to feel comfortable during operation. The procedure is carried out in several phases. The phases will have the opportunity to relax, eat or walk. It is very important to us, to make the procedure a pleasant experience for you. 

4. FoodAt dinner you are offered a choice of typical Mexican food, you can enjoy and savor the delicious Mexican food 

5. The second phase of hair restoration procedureThe second phase of hair transplantation, implantation of hair follicles begins after 

6. Leavingthe clinic Most end in the later operations. The actual duration of the operation depends on the amount of hair to be transplanted. In the middle of the day your doctor will be able to tell exactly when the operation is finished. No need to stay in hospital overnight or observation after the hair transplant. Immediately after the treatment you can return to your accommodation and can fly home the next day, depending on your personal treatment plan. 

7. “ The Future” After hair transplant can simply follow the instructions of your doctor and wait for new hair to grow. Then you can live a normal life with a hair and fresh look, more perfect, and so open to new experiences and opportunities because of their confidence restored. If you have any questions later, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Beard & moustache Transplants saw a significant increase around the world over the past year. 

Moustache & Beard transplants method to increase density and fullness to their moustache and beard. If you have sparse facial hair, patchiness or any facial scars, a beard & moustache transplant, aslo known as a facial hair transplant, may be the only permanent solution for you

The eyebrows and eyelashes transplant was initially designed for patients who had suffered burns or congenital malformations of the eye. 

With scientific advances today, this procedure has been further refined; patients with complete or partial loss of eyebrows and / or eyelashes now have an affordable alternative medical Mexico. 

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